Many companies today are turning to affiliate website services to boost traffic and revenue. However, it can be overwhelming to manage your own affiliate website, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy person. Luckily, there are several done for you (DFY) affiliate website services that will handle everything for you, allowing you to focus on your marketing.

Human Proof Designs and Brand Builders are two of the leading DFY affiliate website services available today. They both offer multiple options for all customers, from those just starting to old hands. 

Affiliate Marketing: An Overview

Affiliate website services are part of a larger marketing strategy known as affiliate marketing. Companies who employ affiliate marketing pay commissions to other websites each time the external website generates traffic or a sale. 

Affiliate marketing is particularly useful for new companies who earn commissions from more well-known companies like Amazon. By effectively promoting someone else’s product or services, you’ll help them receive more publicity and earn commissions after your promotion results in a sale. Once you’ve set up your affiliate website services, you’ll likely start receiving passive income. 

However, building an effective affiliate website service can be challenging. Not all products are popular, and you need to ensure your commission makes your time spent marketing worthwhile. 

You also need to choose what companies and websites to work with carefully, so you don’t waste your time promoting unpopular products. Often, affiliate websites will have a predetermined niche and will only market products and services that appeal to customers interested in their niche.

To create a successful affiliate website, you’ll need to make decisions about:

In addition to finding the best products and companies to work with, you’ll also need to ensure your website is optimized for search engines and attractive to customers. This process could be too time-consuming for the less tech-savvy bloggers or those with other jobs to juggle. Instead of creating your own affiliate website, you can work with a DFY affiliate website service.

What is a DFY Affiliate Website Service?

A done for you (DFY) affiliate website service takes care of all your affiliate marketing needs, including site design, keyword, and niche research, and writing and optimizing your content for search engines. Instead of spending weeks or months trying to figure out the best way to make money from affiliate marketing, an expert can design your website with affiliate website services in mind.

Many DFY affiliate website services also offer continued support if you wish to change your tactics or upgrade your site. However, DFY affiliate websites aren’t for everyone. Like all online offers, there are pros and cons to consider before signing up for the service.

Pros and Cons of DFY Affiliate Website Services

Affiliate marketing is not a guarantee of money. Although some bloggers and websites make thousands of dollars per month using affiliate links, many also fail to see a return on their investment. To achieve the dream of passive income, you’ll need a combination of the right niche, well-researched keywords, good products, and a touch of look. 

There is a lot of debate in the affiliate marketing world about the benefits of DFY affiliate website services. Some argue that these services save bloggers time by creating a DFY website, while others say building your own website gives you valuable experience.



Determining if a DFY affiliate website service is right for you is an individual decision. For some, especially new bloggers, a DFY website service can give them confidence that they are on the right track, even if it takes time to start receiving passive income.

However, more experienced affiliate marketers might benefit from creating their own personalized website.

The Process

Most DFY affiliate website services follow a similar process when designing your site. First, they will perform niche and market research. Many of them are continually researching new niches to identify the most profitable ones. 

After you choose your niche, the team will perform intensive keyword research, finding keywords that will raise your search engine ranking, generate traffic, and result in conversions.

Next, they will design your website. You will often choose from several basic templates, and the team will make your website unique with colors, themes, and fonts. Or, you will choose a pre-made website that’s ready to go. 

While the website developers finish your design, the content creation team will write blogs and webpages. Search engines love content, so the more you have, the more likely you’ll show up in Google searches.

The team will optimize all your pages for search engines. In addition to SEO content, they will use a responsive design, H1/H2 tags, a good content layout, and title modifiers to raise your rankings.

Lastly, the team will plug you in, allowing you to take full control of your site. You can start promoting products and earning passive income.

While some sites offer a more design-focused approach, others offer pre-made sites. For these companies, the process is more straightforward. You merely scroll through their site and choose the best design for you. Often, they will have sites designed for various niches. Choose the one that fits your niche best, and you’ll be ready to go in 24 hours.

Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs is a reputable, popular DFY affiliate website service that has created over 1,100 affiliate sites, researched 45,000 keywords, and written 26,000 articles. Entrepreneur, NichePur$uits, Empire Flippers, and Jungle Scouts have all featured Human Proof Designs. Their experience can help beginners find their footing in the world of affiliate marketing and remove the guesswork.

They also offer the “HPD Success Guarantee.” They will purchase your affiliate website back from you after 12 months if you decide to leave the affiliate marketing business. This policy makes HPD particularly appealing to beginners, who might want to test the waters.

They offer several options, including affiliate websites, custom niche sites, aged sites, and revenue-generating websites. Most of their sites connect with Amazon, but there are other options as well.

1. Finished Affiliate Websites: $1298 – $7,800

Human Proof Designs affiliate website service is an excellent choice for beginners. The team will offer you a short-cut with one of these pre-made, done for you websites. Also, HPD offers training and continued customer support to ensure that your website is successful. 

The purchasing process is relatively simple. You need to browse their pre-made, pre-researched sites, choose the best one for you, and pay with PayPal. HPD has designed each of the pre-made sites for a specific niche. If your niche isn’t available, they also offer custom-made niche sites. 

HPD has three tiers of finished affiliate websites – Authority, Supreme, and Standard. 

Authority Sites

An authority site on HPD will run you anywhere from $5,500 to $7,800. However, you’ll get more than just the site. Depending on the site you choose, you’ll receive between 50,000 and 90,000 words. When you choose your website, HPD will inform you of the potential monthly earnings. 

Every site also comes with a breakdown of its web traffic, main keyword searches, and other important statistics. 

Pros: Authority Sites promise higher potential monthly earnings, and the price includes a lot of content. You also don’t need to wait for these premium sites. They’re ready to go, and once HPD has sold a niche, it’s gone.

Cons: Authority Sites require a large investment. Many beginner bloggers can’t afford the $5,500 upfront payment.

Supreme Sites 

At the time of writing, there are no Supreme Sites available for purchase. They usually cost around $2,999. However, HPD offers custom niche sites and comes out with new pre-made sites every two weeks. 

Supreme sites cost less than Authority sites and come with less prepared content (an average of 25,000 words). 

Pros: Higher potential monthly earnings than standard sites.

Cons: No current Supreme sites available, less content than Authority sites. Sitting at just under $3,000, a Supreme site might be out of a beginner’s budget.

Standard Sites

At the time of writing, all Standard sites cost $1,298. There are various niche sites available, including rocking chairs, charcoal grills, and boxing gloves. The monthly potential profit estimates range from $1,100 to $4,000, depending on the niche’s popularity. 

Pros: More affordable than the Authority site for beginner bloggers. 

Cons: Less content included, meaning more work for you. 

Overall, the pre-made niche sites are fantastic for beginners if HPD has your niche available. While the Authority sites take a lot of the work out of the equation, the Standard sites are more affordable and will still save you time.

2. Custom Niche Sites: $1,298- $5,400

If you’re willing to wait a little longer to get a custom-designed website for your niche, HPD can accommodate that. 

Just like the pre-made sites, you can purchase the Authority, Supreme, or Standard versions of your custom-built niche site. As the cost rises, so do the perks you receive.

Authority Site Supreme Site Standard Site
Cost $5,400 $2,999 $1,298
Premium Content 50,000 words 25,000 words 10,000 words
Storyboard Videos 6 videos (worth $714) 3 videos (worth $357) 0 videos
Unique site design X X X
Social media set-up pack X X X
Ebook X X X
Keyword Pack X X X
On-page SEO X X X
Video Training Library X X X
Logo X X X
Private Facebook group X X X
Site support X X X

Once you’ve chosen your niche and paid the fee, HPD will begin designing your custom website. Your only other expense will be the cost of hosting a website, which runs around $300.

Pros: The team will design your site with your niche in mind. If you have an unusual niche, a custom-design will be more effective than using a pre-made design that’s ‘close enough.’

Cons: Custom-made sites take time, sometimes up to a month, to design. 

The only reason to choose a custom-designed website is if your niche isn’t available as a pre-made site. The biggest choice to make is deciding what level you want. The most significant factor is your budget. Having access to storybook videos could help you reach a larger audience, and the more content, the higher your rankings. 

However, if you can only swing the cost of a Standard site, you will still receive a good, well-designed product. 

3. Aged Sites $1,700-$6,000

An aged site is an older website that has been online for awhile. The advantage of an aged, or legacy, site is that you’ll be able to bypass the Google sandbox. Generally, aged sites achieve higher rankings faster than brand-new sites. 

The sandbox refers to a phenomenon that affects newly released sites. Although unofficial, it appears that Google won’t allow a new site to enter the top rankings until a few months have passed. This probationary period means that you might not see results for a few months if you use a custom-built or pre-made new niche site. 

An aged site also comes with more links built-in and more content. At HPD designs, you’ll pay between $1,700 and $6,000 for an aged, time-tested site. The price rises rapidly for highly-ranked sites. Your purchase will include:

Aged sites aren’t for everybody. Like all versions of affiliate websites, they have their pros and cons. 

4. Revenue Generating Websites $3,995 – $7,995

The last DFY affiliate website HPD offers are revenue-generating websites. They are similar to aged sites in that they have already been through the sandbox. However, these sites are currently generating money.

One significant advantage of revenue-generating websites is that you can view them before you buy them. Unlike the pre-made or custom-made niche sites, revenue-generating sites are currently live. You can spend as long as you like on the site, checking out its design, and deciding if it fits your needs.

HPD shows the revenue for each site available from 2019 and 2020. Depending on the niche and its proven revenue, sites cost between $3,995 and $7,995 to purchase. 

In addition to the package provided with an aged site, you’ll also receive:

After you receive your revenue-generating site in your niche, you can also add other types of revenue-generating services, including Google Adsense or sponsored posts. 

Pros: Ready to go, saves you 12-24 months of work. Start off earning big.

Cons: Relatively expensive, not all niches available, won’t provide you with experience.

Human Proof Designs: Pros and Cons

HPD is a fantastic DFY affiliate website service. They have a wide range of offerings that are appropriate for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting in affiliate marketing or an old hand, HPD has a DFY website service for you.

The only downside is that HPD can be a bit pricey. However, if you can afford it, their websites will likely have you earning passive income sooner than if you start from scratch. 

Brand Builders

Like Human Proof Designs, Brand Builders offers pre-made and custom niche websites. However, Brand Builders does not provide aged sites or revenue-generating sites.

Andrew James and John Haver founded Brand Builders with two goals in mind. They wanted to offer pre-made websites and teach new bloggers and affiliate marketers tricks of the trade. Their YouTube channel and blog are both full of useful information to help you grow your website, increasing your traffic and revenue.

In addition, when you purchase a website from them, it comes with 24/7 support from an experienced affiliate marketing team. Although they won’t do everything for you, they’ll give you tips and answer your questions. You’ll also receive a Traffic Acquisition Guide and training videos.

Like other DFY affiliate website services, Brand Builders saves you time. One of the most challenging steps in affiliate marketing is building your website. Buying one of their pre-made sites can save you a year of work. 

However, Brand Builders offers no guarantee that you will make money from your site. It will take some time before your website can leave the sandbox and start generating serious revenue. However, they have built 1,784 sites since their founding nine years ago, and boast a 96% rate. 

Brand Builders offers several levels for both their turnkey affiliate websites and custom made niche affiliate websites. 

1. Pre-Made Turnkey Affiliate Websites

Although Brand Builders doesn’t like the term short-cut, their pre-made turnkey affiliate websites offer beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike a fast route to going live. 

All of their pre-made affiliate websites are in well-researched, unique niches, with average monthly earnings of $1,000-$3,000. Your pre-made turnkey affiliate website will be unique, and Brand Builders promises never to resell your niche to another customer, meaning the content will be yours and yours alone.

Their pre-made websites start at $1,395. While that may seem expensive, it costs less than setting up your site from scratch. Brand Builders estimates that will cost more than $3,300 when you include niche and keyword research, premium add-ons and plugins, professional website design, custom images, premium content writing, and on-page optimization. 

Your $1,395 for a pre-made turnkey affiliate website will include:

Brand Builders’ Blueprint to Success is particularly useful for beginners. Along with the Traffic Acquisition Guide, it gives you a step-by-step guide for successfully launching your site once you’ve purchased it.

Unlike some other platforms, once you purchase the pre-made site, you will own it 100%. In addition, Brand Builders only builds one pre-made site per niche so that you won’t face competition from other Brand Builders customers.

When choosing your niche, take note of Brand Builders’ “niche difficulty ranking system.” They rank each niche according to how difficult it will be to achieve a high ranking on Google, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being extremely difficult. While most of their niches have a ranking between 1 and 5, avoid those ranked 6-10 if you’re a beginner.

Pros: You don’t just get the site with your purchase. Brand Builders sets you up for success with their add-ons and the Blueprint to Success and Traffic Acquisition Guide. It’s an excellent option for beginners.

Cons: $1,395 is a hefty investment. You’ll need to commit to affiliate marketing to justify the expense.

2. Custom Affiliate Websites $1,999 – $5,999

If you don’t see your niche on their pre-made offers, Brand Builders has the option to request a custom-designed DFY affiliate website

Although many of their websites use the Amazon Associates program, they can build you a website designed around other monetization programs, including ShareASale, Clickbank, and CJ. 

Brand Builders also offers guidance in choosing a niche. It can be challenging to select the best one for you since you not only want to consider its income potential but also if you can stand behind the products and companies you’ll be promoting.

Once you’ve chosen your niche, you’ll need to choose between Brand Builders’ 3 price points, Standard, Premium, and Authority. The ideal one for you will depend on which features you want, your budget, and how much time you’re willing to put in. 

Standard Premium Authority
Competition, niche, and keyword research x x +200 niche keywords
VPS Hosting 1 Year x x x
Niche-related content 13,000 words, 1 pillar article 29,000 words, 3 pillar articles 57,000 words, 5 pillar articles
Buying Guide Articles 5 10 21
Guest Post Set-Up 1 5 10 (+Whitehat backlinks)
eBook Lead magnet x x x
Email Funnel setup x x x
Email Autoresponder setup Basic Advanced Advanced + Silo setup
Email opt-in setup x x x
Logo Design x x x
On-Page SEO x x x
Privacy Disclaimer x x x
Private Coaching Call 1 12
Training Videos x x x
Free Add-Ons x x x
24/7 Support x x x
Traffic Acquisition Guide x x x
Retargeting Setup x x
Infographic Creation x x
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) x x
Keyword Research & Article Writing Templates x

The Standard site comes with many perks, but the Authority Site will start you even further along the road to passive income. 

The turn-around time for a Brand Builders custom-built website is about 30 days from purchase, but the upside is if you’ve already got some of the offered perks (for example, a logo or some niche-content), they will add other extras.

Pros and Cons: Pre-Made vs. Custom Designed

There are advantages to choosing a custom-designed website over a pre-made one. You’ll get to select your niche and you’ll have more say in the design and type of monetization program. However, Brand Builders’ custom-designed sites cost more and have a longer turn around. 

If you’re a beginner, choosing a pre-made website will help you get started sooner. You can use Brand Builders’ guides to help you. Take advantage of their 1-on-1 coachings to get your career off to a good start.

For more advanced affiliate marketers, the custom-design allows more leeway. However, if there’s already a pre-made website in your desired niche, you customize it (if you’re willing to pay).

Overall, Brand Builders offers good options for both beginners and old hands. 

Should I Use a DFY Affiliate Website Service?

DFY affiliate website services save you time, in some cases, up to two years of research on website building. Since the costs involved can rise quickly, you’ll need to have a thorough analysis of your budget and determine if the service will be worthwhile.

Beginners will likely benefit more from a pre-made, aged, or revenue-generating site. However, if this is your second or third affiliate website, you might want to go down the custom route. 

Regardless of whether you choose Human Proof Designs, Brand Builders, or build your own site, there is no quick money guarantee. Even with a pre-made site, you’ll need to be patient. Building a successful affiliate website can take several months, but it’s worth it if you use the correct keywords and branding. 

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