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Welcome to OnBiz.com, where your ambition to launch a thriving dropshipping business is within reach. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, understanding market trends, product sourcing, and online store optimization is crucial—they are the keystones of a lucrative online business. Whether you’re venturing into the e-commerce space for the first time or aiming to leverage your current capabilities, our comprehensive ‘done for you’ service is your gateway to not only enter but succeed in this dynamic industry.
Pre-Designed Success
Your dropshipping store comes fully equipped to launch, complete with a range of products, a pre-designed storefront, and essential marketing tools.
Turnkey Fulfillment Solutions
Collaborate with reputable dropshipping suppliers who handle your orders directly, guaranteeing high-quality products and seamless delivery under your brand name.
Flexible Workload
While the success of the business will depend on your investment of time/resources, it also allows you to work as little or as much as you want depending on your goals.
User Friendly
Dropshipping businesses are less complex than traditional ecommerce stores. Additionally, the ecommerce store is designed to be simple and easy to use for beginners.
Location Independent
A dropshipping business can be run and managed remotely anywhere in the world. All you need is reliable internet connection. This is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to explore the digital nomad lifestyle.

Zero Experience Needed

No experience? No problem! We link you with premier dropshipping suppliers, ensuring you never have to stress over inventory or shipping. From the outset, your concentration is on scaling your business, not getting entangled in logistics.


Capitalize on E-commerce Trends

The demand for online shopping is not just growing; it’s exploding. With OnBiz.com, you’re perfectly positioned to tap into this trend through dropshipping services.

There has never been a better time to start a Dropship Business

Why Dropshipping ?

Starting a dropshipping business offers a lucrative and flexible opportunity to tap into the booming online shopping market without the need for physical inventory.

How much can I make?

Running a dropshipping business offers considerable income possibilities, capitalizing on the ever-growing demand for e-commerce and the scalability of selling products online. This model enables you to earn through product sales with minimal overhead, as you don’t stock inventory or handle shipping. Profit margins in dropshipping can vary widely, typically between 15-40%, depending on the niche, pricing strategy, and supplier arrangements. With effective marketing and store optimization, dropshipping can generate significant and sustainable revenue.

What is the Cost?

Our flexible pricing plans are designed to suit various needs and budgets, providing a transparent overview of the initial investment required to kickstart your successful dropshipping business.

Why start a Dropshipping Business?

Starting a dropshipping business is a lucrative venture in today’s digital marketplace. As consumer preferences shift increasingly towards online shopping, the demand for diverse and accessible e-commerce stores rises. This model places you at the heart of a booming industry while allowing for remote operation, offering the flexibility to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or new to the e-commerce world, dropshipping provides an exciting opportunity to cater to a global audience without the need for physical inventory, making it an ideal way to tap into the expansive online market.

The Dropshipping Sector

Explore the vibrant world of e-commerce with these revealing statistics, highlighting why now is the ideal moment to launch your own dropshipping business.

Estimated Global Market Size by 2025
of businesses cite generating traffic and leads as their biggest marketing challenge
of marketers consider SEO more effective than PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in driving sales
Approximate ROI for businesses allocating a consistent budget to SEO efforts

Benefits of a Dropshipping Business?

Proven Business Model

Proven Business Model

Tired of the constraints of traditional employment? Ready to take control of your career path? A dropshipping business allows you to be your own boss, supported by a well-established and successful e-commerce model.
Operate from Anywhere

Operate from Anywhere

Dropshipping breaks down geographical barriers. Run your business from home, while traveling, or from any location in the world, providing unparalleled flexibility and independence.
Wide Range of Products

Wide Range of Products

Enjoy the freedom to tailor your product lineup to meet the demands of your target market, with the agility to quickly adjust and expand your offerings as your dropshipping business and customer base grow.
No prior experience required

No prior experience required

No prior experience required! We connect you with our white label partners who handle fulfillment so you can focus on sales and marketing.
Meet the Surge in Online Shopping

Meet the Surge in Online Shopping

Online shopping is booming like never before. Launching a dropshipping store positions you to benefit from this growing trend, fulfilling the increasing consumer demand for online purchasing options.
Diverse Revenue Opportunities

Diverse Revenue Opportunities

Tap into various revenue sources in the e-commerce sector, from direct product sales to potential earnings from affiliate marketing and special promotions, offering multiple paths to financial growth and passive income possibilities.

Why buy a Dropshipping Business from OnBiz.com?

Industry Expertise and Experience

Our leadership team consists of experienced professionals who have successfully launched, operated, and scaled e-commerce stores across a variety of niches and markets.

Complete Done for You Solutions

From selecting profitable products and designing your online store to establishing connections with reliable suppliers for product sourcing and fulfillment, our comprehensive service ensures every aspect of your dropshipping business is set up for success.

Tailored Strategies for Every Entrepreneur

We understand that each journey to entrepreneurship is unique. Our solutions are personalized to fit your goals, offering a business model that resonates with your vision and meets the current e-commerce market demands.

Continued Support and Learning Resources

Our commitment to your success extends beyond just getting started. We provide ongoing assistance for your dropshipping venture, including access to cutting-edge e-commerce strategies and expert advice, to foster continuous growth and innovation in your business.

What's Included


Online assistance and customer support

Online assistance and customer support

Online assistance and customer support


Premium Mobile Responsive Design

Premium Mobile Responsive Design

Premium Mobile Responsive Design


SEO – On-Page Optimization

SEO – On-Page Optimization

SEO – On-Page Optimization


Website and Product Content

Website and Product Content

Website and Product Content


Integration with dropship supplier

Integration with dropship supplier

Integration with dropship supplier


Payment processing setup and assistance

Payment processing setup and assistance

Payment processing setup and assistance

Total Value:


Ready to own a Dropshipping Business ?

Take the best option to achieve financial independence and move your life forward!

What Products Sell Best in Dropshipping?

Here are examples of popular product categories that your new dropshipping store can offer to customers, each selected to maximize appeal and sales potential in the e-commerce space. From trending items to evergreen products, these categories are crucial for creating a versatile and successful dropshipping business that caters to the wide-ranging preferences of online shoppers.

Link Building (Off-Page SEO)

Provide valuable backlink acquisition services to improve your clients’ site authority and search engine ranking.

On-Page SEO Services

Offer on-page optimization, enhancing your clients’ websites for better search engine rankings.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Enable your clients to boost their website’s visibility by identifying and targeting the most effective keywords.

Technical SEO Expertise

Help clients optimize the technical aspects of their websites for improved search performance.

Content Creation and Marketing

Develop content strategies for your clients that engages and retains their audience.

Comprehensive SEO Audits

Conduct in-depth SEO audits for your clients, identifying areas for improvement and actionable strategies.

Local SEO

Assist local businesses in targeting specific geographic areas, increasing their visibility to nearby customers.

E-commerce SEO Services

Specialize in optimizing online stores, helping your clients enhance product visibility and attract more online shoppers.

How Does Dropshipping Business Work

Dropshipping is a business model where retailers collaborate with suppliers to sell products without the need to maintain inventory.

When a customer places an order, the retailer shares the order details with the supplier, who takes care of packaging and shipping the products directly to the customer.

This approach allows retailers to focus on core business activities such as marketing and brand development, while the supplier handles logistics.

Dropshipping offers entrepreneurs a low-risk entry into e-commerce, as it eliminates the upfront investment in inventory. It also provides flexibility to quickly adapt to changing market demands

Dropshipping Process

Where Can You Sell?

Discover Profitable Avenues for Your Agency’s Growth

On Your Own Website

We’ll set up a sleek, user-friendly online store for you, where customers can browse your products, read reviews, and make purchases directly.


Utilize platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy to reach a broader audience actively searching for products you offer.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Employ the influence of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your products. Partnering with influencers can also amplify your reach.

Email Marketing

Develop a list of subscribers interested in your niche and engage them with personalized offers, product launches, and updates to drive sales.

Profitable Business Model

A key highlight of starting a dropshipping business is the significant profit potential it offers. As a vital component of the e-commerce ecosystem, in-demand products can lead to substantial earnings.

Competitive Markup Rates

Dropshipping allows for flexible pricing strategies, enabling you to set competitive markups based on product demand, perceived value, and niche competitiveness. Prices can be adjusted to optimize profit while maintaining attractiveness to customers.

Expanding Product Lines

The dropshipping model allows for easy testing and introduction of new products, enabling you to adapt to market trends and customer preferences, which can lead to sustained income and growth opportunities.

Profit Margins

Dropshipping typically has lower upfront costs than traditional retail, as there’s no need to purchase or store inventory, allowing for healthy profit margins. Margins can vary widely, with successful stores often achieving between 15-40%, depending on the products and operational efficiency.

Scalable Revenue

Begin with a select range of products and progressively broaden your catalog as your store gains traction. This scalability facilitates revenue growth as you diversify your offerings and attract a larger customer base.

Recurring Sales

With effective marketing and customer retention strategies, dropshipping can generate repeat business, leading to a steady stream of sales and a more predictable income.

A Diverse Product Selection for Every Customer Preference

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, having a variety of products is essential to cater to diverse customer interests and maximize your store’s profitability.

Here are some popular product categories you can feature, along with insights on potential profitability.

Health and Wellness Products

High demand and the potential for repeat purchases make this category a lucrative option, with profit margins often ranging from 30% to 50%.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories

Always in demand, tech products can attract tech-savvy customers, offering profit margins of 20% to 40%.

Fashion and Apparel

A highly variable category, fashion items can yield profit margins from 40% to 60%, depending on trends and niche markets.

Beauty Products

With a constant demand, beauty products can offer profit margins of 30% to 50%, appealing to a wide audience.

Home and Garden

This category includes a broad range of products, from decor to tools, with margins typically between 15% and 40%.

Pet Supplies

Pet owners are always looking for high-quality items for their pets, with profit margins often between 20% and 40%.

Ready to start a Turnkey Dropship Business?

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Dropshipping Order Fulfillment Process

Navigating through the e-commerce landscape requires a streamlined process from order receipt to delivery.

Here’s how it works for a dropshipping business.

This fulfillment process emphasizes the efficiency and customer-centric approach of the dropshipping model, highlighting its capacity to deliver quality products seamlessly under your brand’s name.

Identifying Customer Demand

Your dropshipping store receives an order from a customer for a specific product.

Placing the Order with Your Supplier

You forward the customer’s order details to your chosen dropshipping supplier.

Supplier Ships the Product

The supplier, holding inventory, ships the product directly to your customer. They operate under your brand, ensuring the packaging and product quality meet your store’s standards.

Delivery to Your Customer

The product is delivered directly to your customer’s doorstep.

Ensuring a Smooth Customer Experience

Your customer enjoys a hassle-free shopping experience, receiving their desired product without any indication of the third-party supplier’s involvement.

Your Blueprint to Dropshipping Success in Four Simple Steps

Picture managing your own rank and rent empire, equipped with a guided roadmap !
Review the options, select your package, and complete the order.

Select Options

We’ll provide you with options to select:

  • Shopping cart platform (Woocommerce or Shopify)
  • Domain name
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Supplier

Ownership Transfer

Once the store is set up, we’ll facilitate the process of handing over the full ownership of the business to you.

Launch Your Business

You’re now ready to deploy your fully operational drop service business to consumers around the globe.

Your Blueprint to Dropshipping Success in Four Simple Steps

Compare Plans

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Full-featured GraphQL API

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High note dashboard for customers

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Roles and permissions

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Spend rules and velocity controls

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Customer and product support

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PCI Compliant SDKs

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Detailed developer documentation

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Real-time notifications and webhooks

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Want another incentive to start today ?

FREE Bonuses with Every Package

Client Tracker Spreadsheet

1 Google Sheet Template (Client Tracker, Client Status Board, Client To-Do List, Calendar View)

Bookkeeping Template

8 Spreadsheet Tabs: Monthly Dashboard, Annual Dashboard, Five-Year Dashboard, Comparison Dashboard, Custom Dashboard, Sales Tax Tracker, Transactions, Setup

Questions about starting a dropshipping business?

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Additional Details

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What exactly is a turnkey dropship business?
A turnkey dropship business is a ready-to-launch ecommerce store that has pre-sourced products from suppliers. When a customer orders from your store, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer, eliminating the need for you to manage inventory or shipping. Our service offers fully-functional, pre-built stores in various niches to help you start your ecommerce journey.
How can I choose the right dropship business?
The best business for you depends on your interests, knowledge, and market trends. You should consider a niche that you are passionate about and where you can provide unique value. Our team is available to consult and guide you in making the best choice based on your needs and the market opportunities available.
Do I need to have technical knowledge?
No, you do not need to have technical knowledge to operate a turnkey dropship business. Our businesses are designed to be user-friendly, and we provide complete support to help you operate your new ecommerce store.
How does your turnkey dropship business service work?
Once you choose and purchase one of our packages, you’ll receive full ownership of the business. The store is fully set up, complete with product listings, supplier details, and necessary ecommerce functionalities. All that’s left for you to do is to start marketing and selling to your customers.

Start and grow your very own online business with a ready made dropshipping website fully optimized for conversions, search engines and user experience. Time to QUIT the 9-5 Rat Race and start your own online business Work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection – A digital nomad’s dream ! Minimize the risk of failure by buying a DFY Dropshipping website.

Done For You Dropshipping Services
STRUGGLING to start an online business?

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to make money online?
Are you looking to replace your job or just supplement your income?
Do you want the freedom to travel the world while working online?
Do you struggle with some of the technical aspects of building and setting up a great looking website?
Are you looking to save some time and decrease the learning curve?
If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, keep reading…

What If There Was An EASIER WAY?

A Complete Done For You Dropshipping Business
Built by Industry Professionals

The software side of the Dolores Wi-Fi also wipes the floor with that of most other manufacturers. As well as transferring images and controlling the shutter remotely, you can alter camera settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO from your mobile phone or tablet. Not bad, right?

Why A Done For You Solution?

Finding a good niche and selecting winning products can be challenging
Building and setting up an optimized website requires technical knowledge and experience
Creating a fully functional website is time consuming – time not everyone has

They use various research and spy tools to help determine profitable niches and products
They have years of experience in creating, running, optimizing and marketing websites
Let their team help – this is what we do and we’re experts at it!
What Is A Dropshipping Business
A dropshipping business is a type of business model that allows you to print a design on many different types of apparel and accessories (shirts, hoodies, leggings, skirts, jewelry, bags, mugs, yoga mats, etc..).

Here’s how it works:

You create designs in your niche (we’ll help you get started) which you can then add to the products mentioned above
Once a customer purchases a product, the order is automatically sent to the fulfillment centers.
They will print your design on the product that was ordered and ship it directly to your customer.
This means:

You never have to worry about stocking any inventory (saving thousands of dollars)
You can create 1 design which can be applied to many different products (so lot’s of options for buyers)
You never have to worry about shipping the products
You just take care of marketing and customer service
You never have to pay for a product until you sell it!
Benefits Of Dropshipping
If you’re looking to sell physical products, this is the business for you. With our dropshipping websites, you can avoid having to invest in any inventory.

Low Upfront Investment

Cash flow is king in business, and investing a sizeable amount of money in merchandise means you’ll have less for marketing, overhead, and the cash required to fund your daily operations. With less money sunk into goods, you’ll be able to invest in your sales force, more effective marketing tools, and your team.​

Start Quickly

Without having to amass an inventory of saleable merchandise, you’ll be able to access the stores of goods that your dropshipper has in-stock. This allows you to start selling products and driving revenue much quicker than housing your own goods.

Broad Assortment of Products

No matter how many SKUs your looking to offer to your customers, you’ll find that drop shipping enables your business to take advantage of the warehousing abilities of fulfillment companies around the world.


A drop shipping business can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run.


Successfully launching and growing an ecommerce business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient.

Search Engine Optimization

Our websites are built with SEO in mind so they can be quickly indexed by search engines. Also, our websites look great on all devices including desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

What Do You Get?
Premium Mobile Responsive Design

Each website comes with a premium design that’s optimized for all devices to deliver the best customerexperience and SEO benefits

Niche Selection

We work with you to help identify the best niches for you based on your interests and hobbies. Alternatively, we provide you with our own researched niche options

Optimized for Conversions

Because of our experience in affiliate marketing, we are able to deliver websites that are optimized for conversions (increased click through rates)

Custom Logo & Stock Photos

Each website will be delivered with a custom logo and stock photos specifically chosen for the niche.

Keyword Research & Content

After selecting a niche, we will conduct keyword research to identify target keywords and create content around those keywords in the form of guides, reviews, comparisons, etc.

SEO – On-Page Optimization

We provide on-page optimization for each affiliate website through custom meta tags (meta title & description), header tags and internal linking structure.

The Process – How It Works?
Niche Research

If you have a niche in mind, great! If not, we will help you find one. We’ll ask you some questions about your interests, background and experience and based on that information and our own research, we’ll identify the niche most suitable for you.

Product Research and Recommendations

After narrowing down the niche, we’ll use various methods and research/spy tools to identify some popular products in your niche that we think your customers will love. After identifying the products, we’ll send you the list for approval. Once we get the green light, we’ll add the products to your website.

Website Development

We’ll first find a premium Shopify theme and customize it to fit your niche. We then pair add with a custom logo that’ll help establish your unique brand. Afterwards, we’ll integrate the website with a dropship supplier and add the products to the website. We’ll also install any other required apps and make sure everything is properly integrated and ready to process payments.

Content Creation

To go along with each product, we will add a unique description that’ll help customers understand what they’re buying and why. We’ll also add all the miscellaneous pages that are required for an e-commerce website (e.g. privacy police / terms of conditions page, FAQ, etc..)

On-Page Optimization

After the website has been built and the products have been added, we’ll go through and optimize the home page, category and product pages to follow SEO best practices. Each page will get a unique meta title and description. Having an SEO optimized website is crucial if your goal is to rank organically on Google.


Once everything is completed, we’ll give you access to your brand new print on demand business. We’ll also be there to provide you any support if you have any questions.

Is A Dropshipping Business Right For You?
Who is this business for?

Individuals tired of the 9-5 rat race and want to start their own business.
Anyone who wants to start an online business with minimal upfront investment
Someone who doesn’t have the time or skill or build a dropshipping business
Anyone looking to become a digital nomad and have the ability to make money online
Who is this business not for?

People looking for a get rich quick solution to make a million dollars overnight
Anyone not willing to put in the time and effort to run this business
Wantrepreneurs who have shiny object syndrome and can’t focus on a single idea
Those unwilling to learn and work on improving themselves and their life
What Questions To Ask ?
How long does it take to get my store?

The setup time will vary based on the plan you select but will take approximately 10-17 business days.

What suppliers do you use?

The suppliers we use will vary depending on the niche. We use a number of different suppliers that allow for increased profit margins and large variety.

Do you provide support?

Yes we offer support either via email as mentioned in our plans and also through our private FB group that you will be provided access to.

How much can I earn ?

The amount of money you generate will be entirely up to you based on how seriously you take this business. Like any business, marketing and advertising will be necessary to grow your website as the #1 key to success is traffic. If you focus on this business and continue to grow it, you can earn a substantial monthly income.

Are there any ongoing monthly fees?

Yes, there are some ongoing fees associated with running this business as it uses Shopify as the e-commerce platform. The basic Shopify plan is $29/mo (which we recommend for getting started). There may be other fees based on the Shopify apps you wish to use.

Do you offer any guarantees?
We can guarantee that we will deliver a high quality dropshipping website. Unfortunately, we can’t make any income or revenue guarantees. It will be up to you to drive traffic and promote your website. The more time you invest in growing the business, the more profitable it will be.

Do you offer refunds?

You may request a refund within 24 hours of placing an order. However, after the 24 hour period, we begin working on your website and no longer allow refunds. This is to protect our intellectual property as well as our time as we custom tailor each website to the customer.

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