The fitness niche in blogging has grown substantially over the years as people yearn for toned bodies and a healthier lifestyle.

For a lot of us, fitness can seem like an impossible task – whether it be lack of time or just a general lack in motivation.

However, these two bloggers are showing that fitness can be attainable for anyone – from nerds to working moms and so on.

Let’s jump in with the first one on our list: Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

As of 2017, Nerd Fitness has grown to seven figure revenue

About the Creators: Steve Kamb, owner and creator of nerd fitness, wasn’t always the fitness guru he is today. In fact, though his blog is apart of a very large, broad fitness niche, his business is catered to a very specific audience: nerds.

After being cut from his high school basketball team, Steve decided he was going to come back bigger and stronger by hitting the gym and getting fit.

However, the beginning of Steve’s fitness journey was difficult as he recounts never seeing any noticeable results, despite the time and effort he was putting in.

“I was so sick of infomercials selling useless fitness products, marketers selling dangerous supplements, and people getting discouraged when they didn’t get results from these things,” he says.

As a self-appointed ‘nerd’ Steve made it his mission to provide programs and resources to individuals who may be struggling as he once did.

What is ‘Nerd Fitness?’

Nerd Fitness has one goal: remove every barrier – mental, physical, and emotional – that keep people like you from changing your life for the better.

The training philosophy of Nerd Fitness is broken down into 3 main categories:

  • Fitness
  • Diet
  • Mindset

How does Nerd Fitness generate revenue? 

One of the more interesting aspects of Nerd Fitness is the fact that there are no advertisements or sponsorships present on the website.

“I wanted the information to be unsullied and backed by scientific research, studies, and because we’ve tried it ourselves found things that actually work,” he says.

While quite a few blogs thrive off the use of sponsorships and advertisements, Nerd Fitness sets itself apart from the pack. Instead, Steve focuses on crafting products like courses and training modules for his audience

Making and selling original products can take more time and effort than other alternatives but the profit can be considerably higher.

Steve has also earned through book sales and his company-run camp, Camp Nerd Fitness, where several hundred people gather each fall for a fitness retreat held on a long weekend.

The Takeaway:

Steve and his business are a prime example of what passion can do for a career and why it’s so important for blogging hopefuls to find a niche or topic that they are genuinely interested in.

Easy Living Today

Easy Living Today currently takes in over $20,000 in monthly revenue

About the Creators: Jessica Castaneda, a mom of two boys living in Chicago, is the owner and creator of Easy Living Today.

She explains on her website that keeping up a healthy and fit lifestyle hasn’t always been easy.

In fact, having gone through several miscarriages, undergone two intense c-sections and suffered postpartum depression, she didn’t always have the energy or health to work out.

Which is why, after understanding the work that comes with caring for two young children, Jessica focuses on organizing and simplifying her health and fitness lifestyle.

“I’m really just a regular girl trying to make living a healthy life easier in today’s busy, busy world and helping other mommies along the way,” she says.

What is ‘Easy Living Today?’

The mission of Easy Living Today is is to help other people live their fittest and happiest lives, without overcomplicating the process.

Jessica explains that no recipes get posted unless they have been approved by herself, her husband and her two sons.

Additionally, she aims to keep everything from exercises to recipes to DIY projects simple and attainable for everyone – especially moms.How does Easy Living Today generate revenue? 

Below is a list of affiliates/resources that contribute to the monthly income of Easy Living Today.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other companies products and receiving and receiving a commission based on how many people you end up sending over to that particular affiliate.

One of the reasons affiliate marketing works so well for bloggers is because affiliate links can be embedded right into the text of a blog post.

In addition, there are numerous affiliate programs on the market, making it easy for a blogger of an niche to find a program that will work for his or her audience.

One of the most popular affiliate networks is Amazon Associates. Through this program you can choose from over a million products to advertise to your customers on the Amazon websites (yes – millions!) and imbed a link or image anywhere on your blog or social channels.

You can also earn advertising fees from qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised.

This means that if an individual follows your product link and ends up purchasing another product, you still receive commission for the purchase of that product.

Implementing affiliate programs has made a huge difference in the success of Easy Living Today. “I made my first dollar (literally) two months in to blogging and it was from Amazon affiliate sales,” Jessica says.


The other way Jessica earns the majority of her income is through advertisement on her website. When used correctly, ads can be an easy way to add to your income without expending too much time or effort.

Google AdSense is one of the more popular advertising companies available to bloggers and the process is pretty simple.

Select the ad you want on your site. You’ll start by choosing the right ad types and formats for your site (this can be text, images or a combination of the two.)

Choose where you want the ad to appear. Next you will copy and paste a piece of code on your site where you want to show ads.

The highest paying ads will go live. After you’ve customized your ad space, advertisers will begin to bid for your ad space in a real-time auction.

Get paid. Lastly, Adsense will handle the process of billing the advertisers and networks. When ads are seen or clicked, you’ll automatically earn money. You get paid once you’ve accrued a certain minimum amount.

In addition, you can block ads you don’t like, customize where ads appear, and choose which types fit your site best.

The Takeaway:

Jessica’s biggest piece of advice to future bloggers: be patient. She explains that success isn’t earned overnight, despites what a lot of bloggers may claim.

“I didn’t earn a full time income until I was 2 years in and thought about quitting a million times,” she says.

In addition, she notes that bloggers should embrace the inevitable mistakes that they will encounter on their blogging journey and learn to grow from them.

“If you let every mistake you make tear you down, you will be miserable and will give it all up for something that, in the end, was not that serious.”

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