For many of us, healthy eating can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Whole, organic and generally ‘healthy’ foods tend to cost more, the recipes seem less convenient and, in the end, is it even really that delicious?

Well, these food bloggers have made it their mission to take healthy eating to a whole new level.

With innovative recipes (that are, in fact, delicious), concrete advice and step-by-step meal prepping posts, these healthy food blogs are ideal for anyone wanting to change their eating habits and live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

But these bloggers are doing more than changing the food game. They are also making considerable income off of their full time blogging businesses.

We’ll go over how each of these healthy food blogs got started, how much the creators are making and, how they are making their money and, most importantly, how you can too!


Tasteaholics generates over $89,452 in monthly revenue

About the Creators: Tasteaholics was co-founded in 2015 by Rami Abramov and Vicky Ushakova.

Their goal?

To master the art of creating extremely delicious and healthy low carb food while researching the truth behind nutrition, dieting, and overall health.

Rami and Vicky began their Keto journey 4 years ago and, after seeing the positive results and benefits, decided to make it their mission to introduce this lifestyle to others.

Not only has the Keto diet helped in weight loss, Rami and Vicky recount that it also improve their sleep and overall well-being.

What is ‘Tasteaholics?’

The mission of Tasteaholics is to continue to grow the low carb movement and help our increasing number of followers improve their health and outlook on life through diet, studies, news & nutrition and fitness education.

Tasteaholics focuses mainly on the Ketogenic diet, also known as Keto, which is a high-fat, low-carb plan.

How does Tasteaholics generate revenue?: 

The following is a list of affiliates/services that contribute to the overall income that Tasteaholics brings in monthly, in order of most to least profitable:

  • Our Keto In Five Cookbooks: $59,232.38
  • Our Weekly Meal Plans Service: $12,450.16
  • AdThrive: $9,282.00
  • Amazon Kindle Sales: $4,166.93
  • Amazon Associates: $2,750.53
  • Keto Krate Affiliate Sales: $720.00
  • Healthful Pursuit: $427.90
  • TryLowCarb Swag Sales: $282.86
  • Keto in Five Nook Sales: $139.59

Tasteaholics’ Keto in Five Cookbooks contributed to over half of their monthly income.

There are three cookbooks in this series (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and each one contains low-carb dinners that contain only 5 (or less) net carbs, contain only five ingredients and can be completed in 5 easy steps.

Creating original content to sell is one of the best way bloggers can earn substantial revenue.


Because almost all of the earnings made result in pure profit, especially for ebooks which can be created for a very low cost.

The Takeaway:

Vicky and Rami plan on taking Tasteaholics to another level with an app called Total Keto Diet.

Similar to My Fitness Pal, Total Keto Diet will include macro tracking capabilities and also release is for iOS.

“We want to become a one-stop-shop for everything keto,” they say.

Organize Yourself Skinny

Organize Yourself Skinny brings in over $13,000 in monthly revenue
About the Creator: Tammy, owner and writer of Organize Yourself Skinny, is a resident of Buffalo, New York with her husband, Mike, and two daughters.

Tammy shares that her own journey with weight loss motivated her to create her healthy eating based blog.

She explains how in college she had a flexible schedule that allowed her to be active. She recounts eating pasta at midnight without the worries of gaining weight.

However after she began working full-time, things started to shift.

“I put on 10 -15 pounds the first year of working full-time,”  she says.

After becoming a mom her weight loss efforts became even more difficult, noting that she was attempting to balance her work life and home life on little to no sleep.

However, after coming across an online journal, she was able to see firsthand how her lifestyle was affecting her life and was ready for a change.

She knew this change would have to be slow and steady and that it wouldn’t happen overnight.

“I learned from past experiences that taking drastic measures or looking for quick fix gimmicks would only lead to failure in the long run.”

Out of this realization came a newfound motivation and, eventually, her blog on healthy eating.

What is ‘Organize Yourself Skinny?’

Organize Yourself Skinny is a healthy eating blog and a place for basic weight loss tips, meal prepping 101 and healthy recipes.

In addition to blog posts, Tammy also offer an e-course.

The Organize Yourself Skinny e-course is designed to help users get motivated about exercise, feel energized and focused and, ultimately, take control of their lives.

The e-course is made up of three modules:

  1. Laying the Foundation:
  2. The Mental Side of Weight
  3. Accountability Systems

How does Organize Yourself Skinny generate revenue? 

The following is a list of affiliates/services that contribute to the overall income that Organize Yourself Skinny brings in monthly, in order of most to least profitable:

  • Adthrive: $5677.90
  • Tapinfluence: $2950
  • AOL/Kitchen Daily: $828.72
  • Amazon Associates: $1608.35
  • Bluehost: $260 <—this comes from a page where I show you step-by-step how to start a blog.
  • Organize Yourself Skinny Ebook: $737.75 — become an affiliate here.
  • Organize Yourself Skinny Meal Plans: $189.43
  • Plan to Eat: $171.00
  •  Swoop: $595.57

The Takeaway:

While Tammy has obviously seen success in her blog and monetizing efforts, she is always willing to admit there is room to improve.

One area where she intends to spend more time is promotion.

While she’s proud of her e-book she notes that she’s unhappy with only making $737 off of it in one month, especially considering all the time and energy she put into it.

“The  problem isn’t with the ebook,” she says. “It’s with my promotion.”

So how does she plan on remedying this?

With a set marketing strategy and more attention to her email list.

“I’m thinking about writing content (or even a course of sorts), that centers around my ebook, specifically for my email subscribers.”

Email lists are an important marketing tool for many bloggers and enable writers to let subscribers know when new content goes live. They are also a great way to inform readers about new product launches or subscriber-only deals.

Root + Revel

Root + Revel currently generates around $16,000 in monthly revenue

About the Creators:

Kate Kordsmeier, founder of Root + Revel, currently lives in Atlanta with her husband and baby boy, Jackson.

In October of 2015, after being diagnosed with IBS, PCOS and hypothyroidism, Kate sought to heal her body naturally and Root + Revel was born.

She says she was blown away by how fast her body and illness began transform after implementing a more simple, holistic diet. She uses her experience to as inspiration for many of her blog posts and ebooks.

What is Root and Revel?

Root and Revel is a food and wellness site delivering inspiration to help people live a more balanced life.

It is a site that promotes real, whole foods that stray from artificial and chemical ingredients.

Root + Revel takes it back to basics with clean recipes and food staples.

In addition to health eating, they also emphasize safe and non-toxic beauty and home products (many of which feature natural ingredients that are DIY!)

On their site you’ll find:

  • Expert interviews
  • Original recipes
  • Reviews
  • Guides
  • General Advice

How does Root & Revel generate revenue? 

The following is a list of affiliates/services that contribute to the overall income Root + Revel brings in monthly, in order from their most to least profitable. These numbers are based on their March 2019 Income Report.

  • Affiliate Commissions, $11,328.67
  • Butcher Box $4,720.00
  • AdThrive Ad Network, $3,942.00
  • Beautycounter, $1,523.04
  • Amazon $1,026.70
  • Thrive Market, $990.00
  • US Wellness Meats $332.34
  • Sunbasket $280.00
  • True Botanicals, $262.86
  • Dry Farm Wines $277.76
  • Air Doctor Pro $219.00
  • Vital Choice, $206.23
  • Other Affiliate Earnings: $1,573.90
  • Sponsored Content, $750.00
  • Business Coaching, $150.00
  • eBooks (13 Pitches That Worked eBook and Superfood Green Smoothies), $125.47

As evident above, affiliate commissions play a major role in the success of Root + Revel. Affiliate links, or commissions, are arrangements in which an online merchant Website pays affiliate Websites a commission to send them traffic.

One of the fastest growing affiliate programs on the market is Amazon Associates and is free to use after approval.

Why is it so popular?

Well, when you use Amazon Associates you can still earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases, not just the specific products you advertise.

How much an affiliate makes depends on the prearranged agreement as well as the total overall number of people they send to the merchants site through a link or otherwise.

Another reason affiliates are a primary source of income for many bloggers is because there are so many affiliates out there.

What does this mean?

No matter the niche of your blog there is an affiliate for you and your community of readers.

The Takeaway:

Kate says it’s important to understand how much work goes into making a blog and that it’s more than just slapping words onto a page and pressing submit.

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